Course Fee


Regular Registration Course Fee is $ 600.

Group Discount Course Fee is $ 525

Regular Registration Course Fee applies when less than 4 educators from the same school district registers for the class.

The Group Discount Course Fee is available when 4 or more educators from the same school district register for the course.  The educators do not have to be from the same school.  Educators qualify for the Group Discount as long as they are from a school or building in the same school district.

The registration deadline for the course is May 10th.  Registrations received after May 10th will not qualify for the Group Discount. 

Payment Guidelines:  There is no advance deposit or payment required.  On Day 1 of class, you will submit a cash deposit.  The deposit must be paid in cash.  No checks and no credit cards.  The cash deposit amount due on Day 1 of class is as follows:

Regular Registration Cash Deposit = $ 375

Group Discount Cash Deposit = $ 300

On Day 3, all students will write a check for the remaining balance of $ 225.  This check will be written to Oakland City University.  This check will be collected by the course instructor and stapled to the Application for Graduate Credit.  The Course Instructor will mail all Applications for Graduate Credit and checks for the remaining balance to Dr. Nancy Miller of Oakland City University.

Receipts:  All students will receive a receipt documenting the total amount paid for the course.  All students will also receive a Certificate of Course Completion to submit to their school administration office.



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