Course Fees


Course Fees For Summer Courses

Regular Course Fee = $ 650 (Applies to Registrations Received After May 1st)

The Group and Early Bird Discounts are no longer available.  These discounts expired on May 1st.

Deposit:  On Day One of class, you must pay a cash deposit.  The deposit must be paid in cash - no checks and no credit cards.  On Day 3, you will write a check to Oakland City University for the remaining balance of $ 225.

Cash Deposit Amounts

Group Discount Cash Deposit is $ 350 (Paid on Day One Of Class)

Early Bird Cash Deposit is $ 375 (Paid on Day One of Class)

Regular Registration Deposit is $ 400 (Paid on Day One of Class)

Do NOT send a check in advance for your deposit!

Receipts will be provided on Day 3 of class.



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