"I have learned more from Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition than previous courses taken at any university."

                                                     Kim Simonson - Principal

"Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition has been the best professional development I have experienced in all my undergraduate and graduate experiences.  I have learned more from this session than I learned in all 36 credits for my Masters Degree."

                                                      Trina Hanson - Teacher

"I wish more of my teachers and principals were here to experience Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition."

                                                      Dan DeHaven - Superintendent

"Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition has been more valuable to me than any other re-certification class I've taken in my twenty years of teaching."

                                                      Melissa Adelsperger - Teacher

"Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition has been an excellent program for teachers and administrators that provides concrete examples to engage students."     

                    Dr. Jeff Stephens - Superintendent

"Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition (presented by Bill Denney) has been the best hands-on usable/practical material that I have experienced in my 30 years in education."

                                                      Brock Brown - Teacher

"If the purpose of professional development is to inspire and open up new ways to reach kids in the class, then Extreme Makeover:The Teacher Edition models how professional development should be designed.  I am revitalized and ready to go back and teach and after 28 years as a teacher - that is a good sign!  It's amazing what happens when you get 95 intelligent educators together and open up the idea machine."

                                                       Pat Wetzel - Teacher

"I've renewed my license at least 2 times and I have never gotten more practical ideas out of a professional development session than Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition."

                                                       Jennifer Canady - Teacher



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