EDUC 648: Creativity in Lesson Design

Course Requirements

1.  Students must attend all three days of class from start to finish.  There are no late arrivals or early dismissals allowed.  To qualify for graduate credit, students must be present at the beginning of class and stay until class is dismissed.  Under no circumstances will students be permitted to miss any time during class and be granted graduate credit.

2.  There is no make up work offered.  If a student misses any day or portion of class time, he/she cannot make up the time and will not be granted graduate credit.

3.  Students must be active participants in all activities led by the course instructor.

4.  On Day 1 of class, students must be prepared for a Show & Tell/Bring & Brag session.  Students will be seated at a roundtable with educators from other schools.  Each student at the table will take a turn to share something you do in your class that you are particularly proud of that benefits students.  The idea is to network.  Educators from other schools should have a desire to take what they learn from you and implement in their classroom.  Likewise, you should end the session with several great ideas you obtain from educators representing other schools.

5.  Course Experience Summary:  You will be required to write a short Course Experience Summary.  This is not a research paper!  The Course Experience Summary will summarize what you learned in class and how you plan to use what you learned in class to benefit students.  The Course Experience Summary is 5 pages and is submitted by email to Dr. Nancy Miller of Oakland City University within 7 to 10 days after the last day of class.

6.  On Day 3 of class, you will be required to lead your network group in a lesson activity that is specifically designed for tactile (touch) and kinesthetic learners (movement).  Your lesson activity should be between 10-15 minutes.  You will not simply explain the activity - you will lead your network group in doing the activity during Day 3 of class.


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