Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition

Extreme Makeover: The Teacher Edition is the best in service and professional development session in the nation.  Teachers absolutely love it!  In this session, educators will learn the Eight Elements of Effectiveness to motivate students to learn.  Teachers will learn how to extinguish student apathy and create a classroom climate that stimulates a culture of enthusiasm for learning.  During this session, teachers will be up and moving.  Educators will be active participants in all activities demonstrated by Bill Denney.  This session is for teachers of all subject areas and all grade levels.  Teachers will laugh and have an absolute blast.  Educators will leave the session with a boatload of strategies and activities that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

This session parallels Bill Denney's book titled, Motivating the "Bored" of Education.  All attendees will receive a free copy of the book which includes a chapter on all activities modeled during the session.

This can be presented as a single day session or there is so much material, it can be presented as a two or three day session.  The session can also be divided in to shorter breakout sessions.  Graduate credit to apply toward license renewal or salary increment is also an option and available.


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