Course Titles & Course Descriptions

EDUC 689:  The Master of Disguise

Many students of this generation have apathy and lack motivation toward learning.  This snowballs in to poor attendance, disciplinary issues, and dropouts.  Educators can employ the deception technique of The Master of Disguise.  This course focuses on disguising the teacher's task of delivering the subject content and state proficiencies in a manner that extinguishes student apathy and breeds enthusiasm for learning.  In this course, educators will learn a variety of teaching activities that students respond to with eagerness and enthusiasm.  This course is not a lecture based course.  This course involves a high level of active involvement.  The course instructor will model all activities and attendees will participate in demonstrations and simulations.  You'll laugh, learn, bond and network with educators from other schools.  This course is designed for teachers of all subject areas and grade levels Pre School through Grade 12.  This course is also designed for guidance counselors and intervention specialists.  Principals that take pride in serving as the Instructional Leader of their building will find this course helpful and applicable.

EDUC 692:  Impacting Students For A Lifetime

All of us have a favorite teacher banked in our memory.  Who was your favorite teacher of all time?  What were the qualities and characteristics that made that person your favorite teacher?  This course focuses on the qualities and characteristics of a premier teacher.  As you go through this course, you will evaluate the qualities and characteristics that you possess as well as identifying qualities and characteristics for professional growth.  This course will revitalize your spirit and enthusiasm for serving as an educator.  You will be inspired and emotionally moved.  And someday, you may be indentified as the favorite teacher of many of your students.

EDUC 694:  The Education Profession: Beyond The Subject Content & Standardized Test

State proficiencies and performance on the standardized test are the primary focus of schools today.  Several school districts are linking teacher evaluation instruments to standardized test performance.  But there are several aspects of quality education that go beyond the standardized test.  This course analyzes the impact of standardized testing on education.  This course especially focuses on other issues that impact education that go beyond the standardized test.  Issues examined will include:  student apathy, public perception of the education profession, parent involvement, creative and innovative instructional strategies, school funding, individualized instruction, and more.  Attendees will be exposed to video imagery which will parallel each issue or topic.  Educators will be engaged in network group discussions on each topic/issue.  This course is designed for teachers of all subject areas and grade levels as well as administrators, guidance counselors, and intervention specialists.


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