Course Titles & Course Descriptions

EDUC 651:  Connecting With The Non Traditional Learner

Educators serve students with a variety of learning styles.  In the traditional classroom, we associate visual and auditory teaching strategies with traditional learners.  However, many classrooms have a high population of students that are non traditional learners.  The traditional teaching strategies of lecture and PowerPoint Notes are not effective with non traditional learners.  This course focuses on non traditional teaching strategies.  Educators will learn several creative and innovative teaching strategies designed to connect with students that learn best with tactile (touch) and kinesthetic (movement) learning activities.  This course is applicable and open for teachers in all subject areas pre school to Grade 12.  This course is also open and applicable to administrators and guidance counselors.

EDUC 652:  I Heard It Through The Grapevine:

Schools throughout the nation are filled with educators that are employing fantastic teaching strategies.  While educators can often grow in their profession via the traditional graduate course led by a professor, another outlet for growth and development is via the sharing of successful teaching strategies and activities with each other.  In this unique course, the students in the course also serve as the teacher or presenter.  During this course, attendees will be exposed to a variety of fantastic and creative teaching strategies and activities that are being employed in classrooms all over the nation.  "If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples with each other, both of us still have one apple.  However, if I have a fantastic classroom activity and you have a fantastic classroom activity and we both exchange those classroom activities, we both now have two fantastic learning activities."  This course involves a high level of networking and collaboration.  This course is open and applicable for teachers in all subject areas pre school to Grade 12.  This course is also applicable and open to administrators and guidance counselors.


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