EDUC 648: Creativity in Lesson Design

EDUC 648: Creativity in Lesson Design - Course Description

Today's generation of students are addicted to cell phones, video games, Instagram, Snapchat, and social media.  This presents unique challenges to educators.  Today's generation of students do not respond well to traditional teaching strategies of lecture and PowerPoint notes.  This generation of students can easily become bored with traditional teaching strategies.  With boredom comes apathy and a lack of motivation to learn.  These side effects have a direct impact on daily attendance, standardized test scores, graduation rates, and dropout rates.  This course is designed to provide teachers with creative teaching strategies that connect with students of this generation.  This course is designed and open for teachers at all grade levels K-12 and in all subject areas including core subjects as well as fine arts and practical arts.  As the instructional leader of the building, school principals and central office administrators will benefit from this course.  Guidance counselors will also find the course helpful particularly with the use of peer groups.  This graduate course is for three graduate credits.  These are semester graduate credits.  The course is designed as a continuing education course for license renewal and/or salary increment.  Graduate credit is provided by Oakland City University in Oakland City, Indiana.  Oakland City University is accredited by NCATE and the Higher Learning Commission.  Graduate credit appears on an official transcipt.


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